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In Anchored you manage a settlement built on top of a floating island hovering above a dangerous jungle. But supplies are scarce up on the island, your settlers must venture down into the jungle to scavenge for food and resources in order to survive.

But you are not alone amongst the clouds... You must expand your settlement, upgrade your settlers and build your defenses in order to defend your island form the increasingly difficult nightly attacks.

Help your settlers fight starvation, expand and defend their island in this real-time-strategy survival game. Equip them with different gear and weapons, and combine their special abilities in order to form a combat effective group, to further increase your chances of surviving. How many nights can you survive..?

About us

Graphical Artists:
André Bengtsson | Nisse Lindblom | Marcus Litholm

Johan Holmér | Semih Parlayan | Johan Öhman

ELIAS Software | End of Innocence - Kristofer Eng

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Anchored was part of a course at Uppsala University's Game Design education at Campus Gotland. The version of Anchored that is found here on itch.io is considered a vertical slice (demo or proof of concept), and was originally designed to be displayed at a game conference. The game was uploaded in the state it was after the course ended. Since the team is now scattered around different schools with new projects, we are not able to continue development.

We are humbled by the amount of interest and positive feedback Anchored has gotten since we uploaded it and this makes us wish we were able to continue development. It is not impossible, however, that circumstances will allow us to finish Anchored in the future.

Either way, your feedback is always of interest to us, so don't hesitate to leave a comment telling us what you think of the game. Enjoy!


Select settler: Left mouse click
Select all settlers: Double left click a settler
Move/interact/attack: Right mouse click
Move camera: Cursor against edge of screen or WASD keys or Hold
and Drag Scroll Wheel
Increase camera speed: Hold Shift key
Island/Jungle camera switch: TAB key
Camera zoom: Scroll Wheel
Camera to selected setter: Space key
Attack move: Q then Left Click
Apply control group: Control + 1, 2, 3 or 4 key

Install instructions

Having trouble downloading the game? This happens sometimes here on Itch.io. Try downloading it in another web browser or in incognito/private mode or use the Itch.io Program.

To play the game (Windows)
Extract the Anchored v1.03.zip to a folder of you choice and then run the Anchored v1.03.exe

If the game doesn't start there might be an issue with your DirectX. Try downloading the latest. Or you might have downloaded the wrong OS version of the game. Make sure to download the Windows version if you use Windows and OSX if you are using Mac.


Anchored v1.03.zip (200 MB)
Anchored_OSX_v1.03.zip (181 MB)


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How do I save?

I done a pretty lengthy first impressions, the game is pretty awesome

nice game i think


Does it have save feature?

this game is awesome I love this game !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Really liked the concept of the game... I unlocked it all and did some shenanigans with my villagers. Though I understand why there is no save button, one question remains... Where is the exit button?

This is quite complex!

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BAD REALLY BAD! My Norton Security says its a VIRUS! If its named Callofdutyblackops2v.210.exe its a virus STRAIGHT off the bat! Anyways my security took 2 - 3 mins to load it up!


It's fun, but the controls are kinda clunky and the fact that there's no saving really turns me off of the game.



mmm savings? i finished the demo on the first trial.




Just made a video on this great game check it out




Kardeşlerim oyunu anlamak adına videomu izleye bilir siniz


This is a really good game, but the Save option would of been great and I think this is a bug but when you get knocked back by probably a "bear", you can get stuck behind uncuttable trees. So when fighting this so called "bear" its best to be away from these trees.

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i just found this i like the idea but i have no idea how you gather food and stuff pls help

Check out any of the dozens of let's play videos linked in the comments.

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Just discovered this game today, I'm a sucker for survival games where you need to eat/drink/sleep etc.

Also I like how it is strategy, not the usuall first person survival game, and you have to look out for more peeps, thus making it a bit more challanging.

Now my strategy game history ends at starcraft 1 and age of empires 2 thus were the only strat games I finished in my life, but this fondles with me in a place, probably because of the survival part, and the old memories of me sitting in my room playing the old classics but thats not the point :D.

Grapics are good with time I hope it will get smoother :)

I'm missing the save mechanic though :(

Now I'm a casual in strat games and I don't like it when it becomes too hard or fast, maybe you can put in change speed and difficulty?

Altogether I give this game, consider it its a demo and will be much better in the future, a 7/10

As explained in store description, game is released as is and there will not be further development. There is no save feature but you should be able to "complete" the demo within an hour so it's hardly needed.

Has good potential food should last you longer though

Gameplay from a video I uploaded a little over a week ago. Certainly would like to see them return to this title!


How to save C;. If there is a way I would like to know. Ik the survival game is not meant for any cheat purposes considering if everyone dies its all over. But i'm in the struggle of wanting to continue my progress later and I quit and came back starting over. Is there not a save? Please tell me how if there is.

The game is not being developed anymore, and there is no save option so, Yeah...

Hab mal reingespielt hat mir sehr gefallen :)



WELL.... the whole village only DIED TWICE !!.... HEY, that's pretty good for lawyer like YOU and I. I think WE should go get some FOOD. AHHHAHHA !! TF is that ?! A SPIDER ? FUCK !


It is a fun game and very addicting, but the longer you play the more buggier the game is. needs more update tho the game has potential to become big.


Its Not The Game Its Your PC Now Stop Complaining About A Free Game And Get A Life.

But I agree that this game could become Bigger.


*Don't complain he says, finishes with complaint ;D

what do you mean its my computer? the bugs that attack our village get buggier each night. if its spawns too much some will get stuck out of the map, please dude play the game longer then you should reply. :)

Just found this game a couple days ago. It is a good game. From what I have read in the comments, it seems the game is coming to end which sucks. Only issues I have with this game is that there is no save feature and they go through food way too fast. Also not enough objects and progression. But it is a fun little game. Would be cool if the person who created this kept going. Maybe made it so if ya villager died you got a new one after a period of time. Nice little game. Like I said, it sucks if the developer is abandoning the game :/

Check out my Let's Play!!! Gotta love this game!


Just played this, and only after did I see all the comments about the game and it's non-future. Just gonna echo what's been said and agree it's a shame it has been abandoned if that is the case.

Some video for you all anyways, check it out!

Too short. Difficulty ramps up exponentially, quickly causing you to lose if you don't beat it as fast as possible. There should be hotkeys to use abilities and make/select groups; there aren't. A grand total of 4 weapons with 2 of them requiring researching by unlocking the blacksmith and the materials, by which point there is absolutely nothing else to do but explore the jungle and navigate the only slightly uncommon bears that can 2-3 shot your team with an aoe attack; or just finish the game entirely. Bear bones AI that can be led in circles with one tank as you just hit everybody else with either the musket aoe or the mortar aoe which 2 shots even the bears. No saving progress which doesn't really matter because of point number one but it still needs to be brought up. Considering it was made by students it is a very good game that looks pretty damn nice. A damn shame development will not continue.

Hey everyone, just did a short play through of this game! It really has potential, its a shame that the development is not being continued at the moment.

bug run play 1 minute error don't playing

and when you lift anchor not the game ending

pls put a save & I will be happy

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