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I really love the game and I hope it will be finished someday. =)
Here can you see my first Steps in your Game, but the video is in german. ^^


You should Consider open sourcing this so others can learn from it.  Or you know, do a kickstarter and finish it.



Update: due to the lack of software currently available to me at the time i will not be able to do much yet and i still need the original coding to make any changes also i will make sure the first thing i do is add a save game but the save game will happen at a critical time like if you are far in the game it will auto save so you can load it up later.

also a tutorial will be added and right now i am a one man team tell me what can improve oh and i am gonna make it so if your really new to the game it will detect that give you the tutorial and lower the amount of bugs/monsters attacking so you do not get insta-killed or starve off within the first few days of the game.

give me time and the code and i would be happy to carry your game on and of course all rights go to the original developers of the game.



Please Add Save

Needs a tutorial and save options please

Thank you so much!!!


Add Save Game !!! please

bluh three of my dudes got knocked off the map by that quadruped in the first area. is there no warping or something i can use to fix it next time?

ill get on it as soon as i can

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hei. i played it and i love . id love to let some feedback

  1. the game need and exit button
  2. the settlers should pick 6 food from the farms not 5
  3. to be able to build not only on the island
  4. to be able to upgrade the perks : heal to have a small aura etc.
  5. also to upgrade buildings : towers to let you use abilities, farms to produce more food , 2  settlers to work in the same building etc.
  6. new animals and rewards for discovering new area ( i saw a robot in one aria it will be interisting to be able to use him for collecting resources.
  7. to be able to save 
  8. and the last think you did a great job keep it up 

<3 (*¯ ³¯*)♡ . 

Ps: I want more (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ
 I will be nearby ( sorry for my english)

 ┬┴┬┴┤( ͡° ͜ʖ├┬┴┬

I concur with your statements!

And no need to apologise, your english is great!

i will get on it

do not worry once I Learn More about Development  of games i will fix the bugs like it not starting But All Credit Goes to The Original Development Team So Do not worry i will be continue the project from here on out. small patches to fix the bugs


This is a great game and im realy enjoying it, too bad they couldnt continue it.

Hi When is the next Update?

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There won't be any. Development team that created the game as school project have since split up and development wont be continued. This is all explained on store page above.


this game could easily be put on steam tbh, if only they still worked on it

You should be able to spawn in new settlers that unlock different weapons and skills, along with more buildings and maybe auto turrets.


Супер игра! :)

so, I beat the demo how do you get the full game?

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There is not nor will there be one. Development team split up upon graduation and development won't be continued. Just read what's written on store page, it's all explained there.

Helo i like this game but how to Save the game ?

There is no save feature though it should take only you around an hour to complete the demo and see all there is to see.

The game keeps crashing when I start up (something like after a second). I'm on Mac

No one uses mac sorry but i dont think this game (or many others) are made for mac.

Hello. A lot of games are made for Mac, and yes this game is made for mac, as in the DOWNLOADS section, you can see an apple symbol.

Thank you.

Keeps crashing when i start up


This game is amazing, such a good concept and great mechanics, so sad they don't develop it anymore, they should kickstart this!



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Thats what my antivirus said its one of the files in the game





P.S. Sorry im just so fricken mad that the developers ruined a game like this.


is this updated now?


is this updated now?


OMG I KEEP DYING!!!! Such a great game though. I wish you guys would get together to make some more spots to move the island too.





Whoa, this is way to fast paced...

If you guys could extend the day leangths and lower the rate of food consumption that would really improve the experience...if you ask me.

that would make the game too easy and therefore boring after mastering it

Settlers can clip through walls when a creature does the smash ability (that one who knocks settlers back)

A couple of my settlers got knocked into the trees by a baddie and now they're stuck. A bit unfortunate.

Weird bug/glitch. I think it might of been caused by placing the loadout area over the edge of the island. It broke my camera. my screen is now turned at a wrong angle and I can't fix it. When I try to move the screen it moves in the wrong direction so now w goes left. Even scrolling on the screen goes the wrong way.

Weird screen rotation glitch.

Screenshot of rotated screen and loadout area over island.

Few more things:

When you have the backpack equiped then you fill it up, if you switch the backpack out for something else it deletes all the extra resources you had. Not really a bug. But maybe don't let the player waste resources somehow, don't let them swap the pack out or make them empty inventory first or something.

Can't use abilities while moving. Doing so sometimes causes them to bug out and run in place and not move.

I also suggest making it so when you use an ability it just activates you don't have to place it down. Takes too long and by the time I place an ability or two the fight is over.

After building everything and getting the depressing 'congratulations' on the anchor and cleaning out the entire jungle below. And dying on day 10 with 3 farms and all weapons and buildings built and unlocked.

I can honestly say It's a fun game.

Need more defense. mines and bear traps aren't enough to defend against so many enemies. Need to be able to get more people Hard to control 4 people tho so don't know how that would work unless you could freeze time to look around then qeu abilities and actions.

Also when the island moves hows the lever on the jungles ground going to move? and how does that lever move the pulley. wheres it connected... Black magic?

It feels pretty good, but there is no quit button. I am sure you know that by now though. (:

Great game! I would want to say that you need to add a way to regenerate health overnight if not already done, or in the process of being done. 9.7/10

Your colonists have healing ability and there is a building you can construct that slowly heals colonists near it.

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